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At Reravel our experienced, down-to-earth therapists are here to support you with:

  • Counselling for adults and young people
  • Couples and relationships therapy
  • Occupational Therapy (Assessments and reports)
  • NDIS therapy, assessments and reports
  • Confidential support for therapists and health workers

All of our therapists are queer and neurodivergent and so we help with safe and affirming care specialising in:

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Healthy relationships (of all types)
  • Neurodiversity and disability
  • LGBTIQ+ discrimination, family and religious trauma

Reravel’s therapy clinic is in Samford Valley (Brisbane, Australia). We also offer home-based or video / phone appointments so that you can connect with us wherever you are.

Counselling @ Reravel

Reravel offer counselling sessions for adults and young people who need a safe and experienced person to support them to ‘Reravel’ when they’re overwhelmed, facing challenges, or seeking personal growth. Our counselling Social Worker, Bri Stevens, has experience supporting people from all walks of life with complex personal difficulties.

We offer Reravel therapy sessions online, so you can connect with us from any place where you feel safe and comfortable. For those who prefer in-person therapy, we have clinic sessions in our rooms in the picturesque Samford Valley, (Brisbane, Queensland).

Reravel Therapy NDIS Counselling for Quirky People Autism Telehealth and Online Psychology

LGBTQIA+ welcoming, safe and affirming

Social Transition gender queer youth

We know it’s hard to find therapists and counsellors who are safe and inclusive for LGBTQIAP+ people. All of our therapists are queer and/or gender diverse and we are proud to work within our own communities.

We can help you as you explore your gender, sexuality, and relationships. Or you might need support to cope with the impacts of religious and family trauma, discrimination, or mental health challenges.

We’re affirming of who you are, wherever you may be on your journey, and we support and accept relationships and families of all forms. Our therapists are members of the Australian Professional Association for Trans Health (AusPATH).

NDIS therapeutic supports and reports

Reravel is a NDIS registered provider of therapy supports and we’ve been working in the scheme since it started. We offer NDIS participants Social Work, therapy and counselling supports, and we can provide Occupational Therapy reports for the NDIS such as Functional Capacity Assessments, Assistive Technology Assessments and Housing Assessments.

Our therapy team have lived experience caring for NDIS participants and so we know how complex and overwhelming the system can be. We’re here to help.

NDIS Therapy for Disabled People Autism Down Sydnrome

Neurodiversity Specialists

Brisbane Neurodiversity Psychologist Autism Specialist Happy Autistic Person NDIS Counselling

Reravel is a neuro-affirming therapy practice with extensive experience supporting neurodivergent adults and young people. We truly enjoy working with and learning from our neurodiverse clients.

As experienced therapists who are neurodivergent ourselves, we can help you understand your sensory, social and communication needs and strengths and take steps towards a sustainable, fulfilling life that’s right for you (not other people’s standards or expectations).

Reravel support parents to understand their neurodiverse children and help them thrive. We also help neurodivergent parents to cope with the challenges of family life.

Our Therapists

Briannon and Julie started reravel to offer meaningful, practical and affirming supports to the awesome communities that we’re part of.

Briannon (Bri) Stevens (they/she) has 20 years experience helping people from all walks of life and brings a depth of experience, compassion and therapy skills to their work at Reravel. Bri specialises in sexuality and gender, family and religious trauma, disability and neurodivergence. They are also highly regarded as a confidential therapist for other health and helping professionals. Bri is queer, non-binary and neurodivergent, as well as a carer and friend of disabled and LGBT people. Bri is a registered, Accredited Social Worker currently completing their Masters thesis at UNSW. They have a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Julie Parry (she/her) is an Occupational Therapist who is offering assessments and reports for people with disabilities at Reravel. Due to high demand for her services, she does not have capacity for ongoing therapy. Julie has a Masters of Occupational Therapy Studies and a Bachelor of Health Science (Hearing and Speech). Julie is a highly regarded OT, who has been in private practice since 2012. Julie is a gay, neurodivergent woman who lives in Brisbane, and is an ally and carer of people with disabilities and trans young people.

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This website comes to you from Turrbal and Jagera Country. The Reravel team are committed to learning with humility from people whose cultures and experiences are different from our own. We respect the rights and dignity of LGBTIQ+ and disabled children and adults. We’re proud to be part of your communities.

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